videostill: sonja browne

sonja browne is dancer, choreographer and teacher.
she studied ballet, modern dance, tap dance, acting and singing in private education programmes and social work between 1996 and 1999.

she is a spiraldynamik practitioner level basic and has studied non violent communication with christian rüther
she danced with a.o. editta braun, willi dorner, hubert lepka, olivier gelpe and worked as intern with amici (uk) and theater stap (be).
in 1999 she founded the company danse brute, which creates performances with dancers with disabilities.
in 2006 she founded the dance company tanzmontage.balance.
since 1999 she teaches dance and improvisation at a.o. impulstanz, ostertanztage salzburg (at) and tanztage würzburg (de).
in 2019 she finished her master thesis for the university of applied art of vienna: “NO to spectacle no to virtuosity no to ableism. wie inklusive praxis den zeitgenössischen tanz bereichert” [how inclusive practice enriches contemporary dance]. At the moment she studies theatre, film and media studies at the university of vienna.
since november 2020, it is a great pleasure for her to collaborate with dr. andrea amort, from 2023 on at the Theatermuseum Wien

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