videostill: sonja browne 2012

tanzMontage / lux flux

under the direction of sonja browne and inge kaindlstorfer is a group of performers with and without disabilities who train and research daily in the field of contemporary dance and performance.
the diversity of bodies and mental dispositions determines our aesthetic expression. our work oscillates between the poles of coded behavior and anarchy – virtuosity lies in the contextualization of the everyday, erroneous and personal utterances.
starting point of our movement research and performance work is self-determination and inclusion as a socio-political attitude.



nullmorphem-eine lyrik, direction: kaindlstorfer/browne,
f 23


your jumbo logistics, direction: kaindlstorfer/browne,
f 23


tight, direction: kaindlstorfer/browne,
brick5 in kooperation mit impulstanz

eng peng! das himmelreich, choreography georg blaschke,
brick5 in kooperation mit impulstanz


tight, direction: kaindlstorfer/browne,
raw matters, schikaneder

demontage, direction: kaindlstorfer/browne
residency im_flieger /schokoladenfabrik


sofa on stage, direction: inge kaindlstorfer,

noteingang, direction: inge kaindlstorfer,

menschgeige, choreography sonja browne,
theater brett

2006 – 2013

forming of the ensemble
performances und videowork
jattle&bam, kabelwerk, kosmos, wuk

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your jumbo logistics (clip)

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