draw.laugh. feel.dance

an inclusive dance workshop led by thomas richter and sonja browne
as part of the view: change academy: scope for 2024

september 23 – september 27, 2024,
9 a.m. – 12 p.m

anton bruckner private university,
alice harnoncourt square 1
a-4040 linz
studio stage

after getting to know the other group participants in a relaxed manner, we warm up together and do small, delicate dance exercises. paper will accompany us as a drawing surface, prop, costume and stage design. we record our movements. and we dance our drawings. we look at what the others are doing. being seen yourself is just as much a joy as meeting other people who love dancing and simply trying out whatever comes to mind. at the end we can combine our dances into a sequence and present them to a small audience.

info and registration on 0676 93 71 477 or here