foto: videostill sonja browne

sonja browne & inge kaindlstorfer & cornelia scheuer

layers, drills and flying heads

18.7.–22.7. 2022,14:45–17:15 

arsenal G

information: ImPulsTanz, +43.1.523 55 58

inspired by our planet, which sucks in living beings and things with the help of gravity and spits them out again in other places, we are interested in the vertical in this workshop: beyond relevée, sauté and partner lifts. what layers of material and sounds surround us and our movements, and in what extensions and images of ourselves do we influence the outside, right up to the digital dissection on the internet? and how does all this work within us and guide us to ever new movement?

we use tools from contact improvisation, real time composition, solo movement research and blind dance to elicit facets of the vertical. material, music/sound and a laptop will throw in ideas for a journey between layers.

this workshop is for people who are willing to engage in process and enter into physical contact. technical dance skills are not required, but a willingness to engage with the group and with oneself.