foto: flavio de pina 2018

05.08. – 09.08.2019 14:50 – 17:20 Arsenal D

We will exercise the extended and expanded body by including THINGs, spaces and other people. Through various improvisational structures, we will explore topics like touch and proximity to partners, allowing for an atmosphere in which we can directly experience what it feels like to enter a relationship.

We want to open up this space to also allow for engagement with objects, be it with only one THING or in the myriad constellations of people and THINGs. We will also explore different placements of objects and people in space, which will sharpen and refine our perspective on the resulting compositions and moods.

Irrespective of the supposed stillness of objects, which do and cannot move out of their own will, we will imagine flying, screeching, crawling and reciting objects. Through the liveliness of THINGs, we will explore different forms of contact: compositional in space, through dialogue, operating through and in touch, incorporative, becoming an object. Experiences with the THING will expand our movement vocabulary and open up new perspectives of perception.

In this workshop, the approach to dance is rooted in experimentation. Participants are encouraged to explore THINGs, movements and themes to gather personal experience. Unorthodoxy, craziness and the opening up of new pathways can create interesting impulses for what is otherwise considered the abstraction of art. The flexibility of both the body and mind to look at THINGs from different perspectives will also come to fore.

Engaging with a partner will make new connections on multiple levels possible. The interplay between focusing on oneself and the perception of the Other allows for an attitude that enables objective action. Situational sensitivities no longer matter; what remains is respectful interaction with fellow participants and the space. In this form of awareness, engagement with our culture of inclusive dance will easily grow.

lux flux is a group of performers with and without disabilities, led by Sonja Browne and Inge Kaindlstorfer, whose practices and research is rooted in contemporary dance and performance. Bodily diversity and different mental dispositions determine the aesthetic expression. Our work exists in the tension between coded behavior and anarchy. Virtuosity can be found in the contextualisation of quotidian, flawed and personal expressions. The starting point for this work is self-determination and inclusion as a societal attitude.

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